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About wireless charging

About wireless charging

As samsung S6 listed, wireless charging products gradually into the public eye.

The use of wireless charger

1. The phone and charge back up

2. The pad usb interface and then plugged in

3. Put the phone on the charging pad, pad, mobile phone charging status.

We can find that, in fact, the entire process in addition to the special mobile phone charging interface before no, actually still need to use interface. But the development of science and technology is worthy of we are looking forward to.

Wireless charger is safe?

We first understand the principle of wireless charging. It is without wires, using the magnet for charging equipment, using magnetic resonance imaging  to produce the current transmission, there will be a little radiation throughout the process. So far haven't found what's wrong.

The advantages of wireless charging

Wireless charging for two phones charging at the same time, the biggest advantage is the mobile charger, interface, no matter what the future is more household devices will have to be able to charge.

The disadvantage of wireless charging

No real sense, the wireless charging time is longer than the straight strategically important place. Radiation has not been clearly told, no harm to us.

We know that many wireless standards are being developed, so as to the development of wireless charging technology and the use in the future, we fully believe that the future true wireless charging will not be too far away.

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